Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Glasgow's MSPs and MPs

Here's what some of Glasgow's MSPs and MPs have been sharing and talking about on their Twitter feeds - today I'm highlighting Tweets from Sandra White, the MSP for Glasgow Kelvin and Patrick Grady, the MP for Glasgow North.

Lots of interesting topics covered - local, national and international - although nothing about the fight for equal pay in Glasgow, as far as I could see. 

More examples will follow in the days ahead.


Patrick Grady MP

  1. Great to meet with Woodside Mini Holland Team yesterday to chat about the project and active travel in Glasgow North
  2. Always an inspiration visiting - last night met with Syrian families settling in Glasgow
  3. This time it was the Welsh Secretary of State who failed to name a single power that will be returned to a devolved administration post
  4. Mistake in my last tweet - my next surgery is this Saturday 11 Nov @ Hillhead Library. Drop in or call my office to arrange an appointment
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    Good questions in HoC & thanks of SNP for turning up to support re GRG misconduct.
  6. Applications are still open for temporary Administrative Officer in my constituency office - more info @
  7. It's ! Support us because a hard day's work deserves a fair day's pay
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    Welcome the new National Executive Committee from conference elections. Strong voices & good gender balance. Great first meeting.
  9. Great campaign by WE100 - its important to think about increasing lifespans and how we can support those to stay active
  10. Disappointed but not surprised that bill has been "talked out" in ... Private Members Bill system in urgent need of reform
  11. Triumphant & strangely emotional rtn to after 10 yrs for last night, in suitably legendary - musicians & crowd in great voice
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    A special event to launch our Maryhill Nature Trail. Guided discovery trail for families 25th Nov. Book for free:
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    50 years ago today Winnie Ewing won the Hamilton by-election. She inspired a generation and changed Scotland forever. Thank you Winnie.
  14. Don't miss Maryhill Community Central Hall 40th Anniversary Race Night on10th November - complete with fish supper

Sandra White MSP

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    . passed the (Scotland) Bill yesterday. Watch the debate here:
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    Very proud of leadership of and work across parties to make this happen. Hard work begins now but another good day @ the office!

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    Priti Patel isn't the only Conservative to have visited the illegally occupied Golan Heights. Ten Scottish Tory MSPs went on a junket there last year.
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    Did BBC, SKy, ITV, ITN, Channel4 , LBC, Reuters, Associated Press, global News miss this?

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    left: boris johnson’s claim right: iranian judiciary official website

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    200 mayors sing national anthem of beneath ’s Berlaymont building in the heart of Quarter
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    To , how do you live with this? "She died on 2 Nov 2017 at home on her own. She was 38. In the cold with her coat & scarf on."
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    Proud to join Catalan community in Brussels as they welcome Carles Puigdemont and tell him he remains their president!
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    First order of Spanish imposed authorities to Catalan officers: “All documents in Castilian, not Catalan”
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    Downing St confirmed that Patel had asked officials if it would give aid to the Israeli Army
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    Spain now insisting that Catalan government institutions be run in Spanish.
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    It wasn’t a “slip of the tongue”. It was a basic error that could cost a British woman years in jail.

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    Family visits they have rationed family visits. This is immoral. .

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    I found this tweet. Please can someone pass it on to Murdo as I'm blocked. Much appreciated. Thank you.