Stand With Ukraine

I know only one Ukranian, a chap called Vlad, whom I met a few years ago in our Spanish class.

I never knew much about Vlad but I remembered he came from Kyiv, so I sent him a note the other day hoping he was safe and well, along with a message of solidarity from his Scottish friend. 

Here is Vlad's response it's truly shocking to realise that ordinary guys like Vlad are having to defend their county against heavily armed Russian invaders who have been unleashed by the mad despot in the Kremlin.


Thank you for your support and we are fine.

We left Kyiv for Poltava in time. Our parents and brother's family live here. Now we are safe because there are no Russian troops in Poltava.

We are preparing to meet the Russian invaders. It is difficult to find glass bottles in the city, we prepare a Molotov cocktail.

The Ukrainian military is on the border of the city, but civilians also can not sit idle and are preparing as best they can.


Слава Україні!!!
(Glory to Ukraine)

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