Manky Mattresses and Dumb Council Hotlines

I've had a response from Glasgow City Council about the cockamamy Dumb Dumpers 'hotline' which doesn't work even though local people are asked to use this number to report fly-tipping.

More to follow soon.


'Dumb Dumpers' and Dumber Hotlines (August 01, 2022)

'Dumb Dumpers' are having a field day on this corner of Arlington Street and Woodlands Road.

I'd like to think Glasgow City Council could put some resources into tackling fly-tipping hotspots and maybe even catch the culprits.

First of all, of course, they'll have to do something about the council's non-functioning, completely useless, 'Dumb Dumpers' hotline.

Dumb Dumpers, Dumb Hotlines and Glasgow Council (July 27, 2022)

When I discovered the Glasgow Council's 'dumb dumpers' hotline didn't work the thought that went through my head was - how come one of the city's senior councillors didn't realise this was all phoney and complete waste of time?

I mean to say, surely someone within the city council was  monitoring the system and asking pointed questions such as:

1) How many reports have we received this month/year?

2) How many 'dumb dumpers' have we brought to book and prosecuted?

3) How are we sharing news of the council's 'success' in cleaning up Glasgow and encouraging more local people to get involved?


Manky Mattresses Make Glasgow (July 23, 2022)

If 'People Make Glasgow', then so do manky mattresses I'm afraid to say. 

Because there's been a surge of mattress dumping on the streets off Woodlands Road - eg Arlington Street, West End Park Street and Rupert Street.

Now if only there were a 24/7 Council hotline number, for local people to report the 'dumb dumpers'!

Glasgow, Manky Mattresses and Anti-Social Behaviour (July 08, 2022)

Just the other day - dumped household rubbish blocking the public footpath on Arlington Street, complete with not one but manky mattresses.

Next thing you know the same thing happens round the corner in Woodlands Road.

Enforcement isn't easy I know, but maybe Glasgow Council should consider rewarding any publicly spirited citizens who report and help catch the anti-social morons who behave in this way?

After all everyone has a mobile phone with a camera these days. 

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