Sunday, 18 March 2012

Ask Dr Ozzy

Dr Ozzy has been imparting his words of wisdom again - but on this occasion I think he maybe a bit behind the curve.

Has he never heard of Wayne Rooney and the England striker's hair transplant - to cover the receding part of his famous bonce?

Then again maybe he has - maybe Ozzy is just issuing a friendly warning to his many fans and readers - about the likely end result of following in Wayne's footsteps.

Dear Dr Ozzy,

I've been told that leg hair can be transplanted to the forehead, to make for a more natural-looking cure for baldness. Is this true?

Anonymous, Kent

According to my research guy, it’s true. But I think an English bloke’s pale, hairy legs belong in only one place: his trousers.

I’d think long and hard before attaching any part of them to your face.

Dr Ozzy

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