'Shut Down Sandyford' - Says Tavistock Whistleblower

Dr David Bell calls for the Sandyford gender clinic in Glasgow to be shut down as its services are based on a similar model to the discredited Tavistock clinic in London which is being closed because of safety concerns.

What do SNP ministers have to say?

Tavistock, Sandyford and the SNP (August 02, 2022)

SNP ministers ought to be leading a public debate about the reasons for closing the controversial Tavistock clinic and its implications for Scotland. 

Instead the SNP Government is marching in step with gender ideologues who are prepared to take huge risks with the care and safety of young people.

Alex Massie's column on the subject is spot on:

"Drugs whose safety is considered unproven for English teenagers — and sometimes for children as young as ten — will continue to be available in Scotland. Moreover, far from being in tune with international best practice, Scottish policy on trans issues is increasingly out of step with developments in other countries. 

"In 2020 Finland revised its guidelines for treating gender-questioning children. It prioritises psychological evaluation and treatment over medical interventions. Last year Sweden followed suit, largely restricting the prescription of puberty-blockers and hormones to children save in exceptional circumstances. 

"According to Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare, for most patients the risks of hormone treatment outweigh their potential benefits and, consequently, most young people will be better served by better mental health support. France has issued similar recommendations."

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