Nicola Sturgeon - Arrogant? Moi?

Apart from everything else Scotland has a First Minister with a giant ego and terribly overblown sense of her own importance.

Favourite hobby?

Being rude and highly critical of others while accepting no responsibility for her own failures.  

Politics and Hypocrites (August 09, 2022)

Willie Rennie makes a very fair point with his retweet - the very people who have their knickers in a twist over Nicola Sturgeon being called an 'attention seeker' were cheering her on when she called Willie Rennie a 'pathetic attention seeker' in the Scottish Parliament.

Hypocrite? Moi?

Tous des hypocrites, sauf vous et moi (A.M. ROM.FRANC) (French Edition):  Bouvard, Philippe: 9782226007469: Books


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