Jerry Sadowitz (April 02, 2014)

I went along to the King's Theatre in Glasgow last Saturday to see Jerry Sadowitz perform, as part of the Glasgow Comedy Festival.

Sadowitz is a wonderful sleight off hand magician, among the best you'll see anywhere, and he combines his prestidigitation skills with a madcap, stand-up, foul-mouthed comedy routine which can make Frankie Boyle sound like Pollyanna, at times.

So he's not for the faint hearted, although I would defy anyone not to laugh their heads off at his savage and excoriating put down of the desperate contestants on 'Deal Or No Deal' as they try to win £250,000 from Noel Edmunds and his banker - for doing 'f*** all', as Sadowitz puts it.

Jerry Sadowitz was born in New Jersey, USA, but grew up and went to school in Shawlands Glasgow and it shows because his sense of humour takes no prisoners - not many people, for example, could get a big laugh from the line: "Nelson Mandela, what a c**t."

One claim to fame that no one but Jerry Sadowitz can make is that he called it absolutely right over Jimmy Savile - by referring to Savile as an expert in child abuse, when everyone else was either running for cover or fawning over the TV celebrity, now exposed as a terrible paedophile, of course.

Check out his web site at - or better still go and seek him on stage, nothing can quite prepare you for the real thing.

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