Good Jokes and Trans Traiblazers

Such a hoot - this whole business of people claiming that many of history's great figures were really trans traiblazers!  

Alexandra the Great? (February 18, 2022)

Alexander the Great - The Rise of a Legend - Season 1 Complete - Ancient  History - YouTube

Transgender activists are desperately trying to rewrite history with bonkers claims about Viking hordes being 'trans' - along with famous historical figures such as Joan of Arc.

After writing my post about Attila the Hen a regular reader wondered if Alexander the Great might be next in line? 

I do hope not. 


Attila the Hen (February 14, 2022)

I can hardly wait for some Glasgow trans activist to demand henceforth that Attila the Hun must become known as Attila the Hen!

 Attila the Hun - Death, Quotes & Facts - Biography

BBC Scotland - Mirror Mirror, Series 1, Episode 12, What's your favourite Scottish  slang word?


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