Glasgow's Big Bin Problem - Queens Crescent

Queens Crescent is just round the corner from St George's Cross subway station.

The area could do with a lot more than just a 'wee spruce up' and was like this for days before the picture was taken.

What Glasgow needs is more bins, bigger bins and/or more frequently emptied bins. 

Glasgow's Big Bin Problem - St George's Cross (August 03, 2022)

Here's the kind of awful mess that results when people leave household rubbish which includes food waste beside Glasgow City Council bins.

No doubt the bag/s involved were ripped open by a fox or seagulls, but what an eyesore for people heading to and from St George's Cross underground station - or for visitors from abroad. 

There are no easy or quick answers, but Glasgow has a big bin problem which is staring Glaswegians and the city council in the face - see post below.

Glasgow's Big Bin Problem (July 26, 2022)

One of the biggest problems with Glasgow's refuse service is staring the city's SNP led council square in the face.

Because the main bin deployed in our streets and public spaces is designed to accept only relatively small items, so people simply dump items beside these bins which creates an ugly eyesore.

Things get even nastier, of course, if these sacks contain food items which then get torn open by seagulls and foxes, resulting in the contents being spilled everywhere and creating an even bigger mess.

What Glasgow's refuse service needs are bigger bins (to accommodate larger items), more bins and more frequently collected bins.

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