Cost Free and Totally Brilliant


A timely reminder from the blog archive about the idea of commissioning a colourful Equal Pay Mural on the south side of the Kingston Bridge.

Cost free as well as totally brilliant, but where are the city's politicians? 

Glasgow Equal Pay Mural (October 22, 2021)

So there's good news, no news and confusing news about the prospects of finding a suitable site for a Glasgow equal pay mural.

As regular readers know I wrote to Glasgow City Council's party leaders to gauge what they thought of the idea and, in particular, a potential site on the south side of the Kingston Bridge.

The 'Good' news is that I received a response from the Conservative group leader, Cllr Thomas Kerr, who says he supports the idea in principle - which is all you could ask for really since there would be lots of practical details to resolve going forwards.

The 'No' news is that the SNP leader, Cllr Susan Aitken, still hasn't replied to my letter which I think is pretty rude especially as the project would be zero cost to the council or public purse.   

The 'Confusing' news surrounds the Labour group which seems to think this may not be the right time because equal pay negotiations are still ongoing.

I don't know who the Labour group have been speaking to because settlement negotiations have broken down and are rather not ongoing although the real issue is if now is not a good time for a mural, then when will be? 

Not least because it will take many months to consult with everyone, find a suitable site, agree a design, before dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's.

I suppose it's a bit like designing a horse by committee and ending up with a camel, but so far it's Yes, in principle, from the Conservative group, Mibbees Aye Mibbees Naw from Labour and No answer at all from the SNP. 


Glasgow Equal Pay Mural (August 27, 2021)

I hope to have some good news soon about the idea of commissioning an Equal Pay Mural for Glasgow.

I've written to the City Council leader, Cllr Susan Aitken, and the other party group leaders asking for their support, in principle, which would allow talks to get underway about a suitable location - perhaps this one on the south side of Glasgow's Kingston Bridge.

Anyway, I'll let people know once I've heard back from the Council and/or party group leaders. 


Glasgow Equal Pay Mural - Transport Scotland (June 25, 2021)

Here's the helpful response I received from Transport Scotland regarding the proposal to place an Equal Pay Mural on Glasgow's Kingston Bridge.

I imagine Glasgow City Council will be only too delighted to have a new mural to help brighten up the city centre and I can't think of a reason for anyone to object since equal pay is an issue everyone claims to support. 

A letter to the Council Leader, Susan Aitken, seems like the next logical step. 

Dear Mark

Transport Scotland does not routinely allow murals on our structures. However an exception was made for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow which was promoted and supported by Glasgow City Council. If we were approached by the Glasgow City Council in the future we would consider such a request (in particular if it was a national sporting event or similar) but it would have to be supported by the local authority but as a general rule as I said we would not in general approve such requests.

I have copied Peter McCann Major Bridges Manager for our Operating Company Amey. If there is any graffiti on the structure Amey will remove it a soon as possible and immediately if it offensive.

Kind regards


Cameron B Gair
Bsc(Hon), C Eng, MICE, MIStructE


Glasgow Equal Pay Mural - Kingston Bridge ()


I wrote to the Chief Executive of Transport Scotland (Roy Brannen) the other day about the proposal to place an equal pay mural on the south side of Glasgow's Kingston Bridge.

Here's what I had to say - fingers crossed for a positive response!

Dear Transport Scotland

Glasgow's Kingston Bridge

I would like to raise with Transport Scotland the possibility of placing a mural on the south bank of Glasgow's Kingston Bridge.

I have been looking for a suitable site for some time, on behalf of equal pay claimants in Glasgow, and believe this would be an excellent location to highlight an important issue in the life and times of the city, as well as being a big improvement on the ugly graffiti which adorns the site at the moment.

The project would be at zero cost to Transport Scotland and is supported by the representatives of the Glasgow equal pay claimants - Action 4 Equality Scotland, GMB, Unison and Unite (the three recognised trade unions in Glasgow City Council). 

I would aim to resolve all the specific details going forwards once agreement, in principle, has been reached.

Can you put me in touch with someone at Transport Scotland whom I can speak with directly regarding this proposal?

Kind regards

Mark Irvine


Glasgow Equal Pay Mural - Not a Done Deal! (June 12, 2021)

The fact that Transport Scotland owns Glasgow's Kingston Bridge doesn't mean this mural business is a done deal, of course.

You'd think they'd be keen to have a nice mural of Glasgow women fighting for the rights to equal pay - instead of this ugly graffiti.

But you never know, so watch this space!


Glasgow Equal Pay Mural - Location, Location, Location (June 05, 2021)


I wonder if this site under the Kingston Bridge would be a good location for a mural to celebrate Glasgow's fight for equal pay?

All I need to do is find out who owns the property, get their permission and find a someone who can do the work for an agreed fee.


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