Scotland's Councils Have Lost Their Voice

Scotland's council elections are all about local issues -  the filthy state of Glasgow's streets and public spaces, for example.

Yet Nicola Sturgeon is keen to focus on issues which have nothing to do with local democracy, improving local services or the limited powers available to local councils.  

The fact is that after 15 years of SNP rule Scotland's 32 local councils have lost their once powerful voice and are collectively much weaker now than they have been since the 1970s.

Riddle Me This, Glasgow? (April 09, 2022)

Riddle me this, Glasgow?

How can Nicola Sturgeon demand more borrowing powers for the SNP led Scottish Parliament, but deny more borrowing powers to SNP led Glasgow City Council - to help meet its equal pay debts? 

Glasgow's Politicians Need to 'Rock the Boat' (April 07, 2022)

Word on the street is that Scottish Ministers are refusing to help Glasgow City Council meet its equal pay debts - and are also refusing to allow the Council to borrow more to raise the funds it needs.

In which case why are we not hearing from the city's politicians - its 85 local councillors and 16 MSPs - are they equal pay Bravehearts or wee cowrin tim'rous beasties?

Have they lost their voices just because it's an SNP led Scottish Government? If so, they should all be throughly ashamed of themselves. 

Glasgow, the SNP and 'Rocking the Boat' (

Glasgow City Council faces another huge £250 million bill to finance yet another 'interim payment' in its long-running equal pay dispute - which is on top of the £500 million paid out in 2019.

The final bill is likely to top £1 billion before the City Council finally replaces its discriminatory WPBR pay arrangements which were condemned as 'unfit for purpose' by the Court of Session, Scotland's highest civil court as far back as 2017.

Now in 2017 Scotland's public spending watchdog, the Accounts Commission, concluded that Scottish Ministers were responsible for this 'decade long failure of leadership' over equal pay along with local councils like Glasgow.

So why is the SNP leader of Scotland's largest council so reluctant to bang on the door of the Scottish Government to ask for help in finding a way out of this awful mess - is there a reason local politicians are so reluctant to rock the boat?

Because it's unfair for the burden to be falling entirely on council tax payers in Glasgow.

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