Child Cruelty and Exploitation

An interesting discussion on the bizarre practice of dressing children in pants which flatten their genitals - child abuse plain and simple.


God Above - Tucking Panties For Toddlers! (April 24, 2022)

More and more people are finding the courage to speak out against trans madness and what comes down to the terrible abuse of children - see post below "God Above - Tucking Panties for Toddlers!"

God Above - Tucking Panties For Toddlers! (March 14, 2022)

As regular readers know, the culture war surrounding aspects of the sex versus gender debate has been imported from America where all this 'queer theory' (there is no such thing as sex) business first began.

And just to show how crazy things have become across the pond here's a social media post proclaiming the virtues of 'tucking panties' so that parents can flatten/hide the genitals of their male toddlers and young kids.

I wonder what TRA madness is coming next?

Nowt So Queer As Folk (February 21, 2022)

Transgender ideology is imported from America (where else?) and is driven by something called 'queer theory' which argues there's no such thing as sex - that men can self-identify as women, or vice versa, that gender identity is paramount and fluid.

Where things have ended up in America is with men, or male bodied trans women, being allowed to self-identify as women, take part in women's sport and go to girl camp.

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