SNP - What's It Got To Do With You?

Fair comment from Anas Sarwar - people shouldn't have to fight tooth and nail to get answers from SNP and the Scottish Government which is surrounded by a culture of secrecy and 'what's it got to do with you?' attitude to perfectly reasonable questions.


SNP - Opposite of Open and Transparent (April 27, 2022)

Yet again the SNP is dragged kicking and screaming into releasing important information that belongs in the public domain - let's hope it doesn't get 'lost' in the days ahead.

The information could and should be released immediately, but SNP ministers will delay doing so until after the Scottish council elections - even though Team Sturgeon has included Indyref2 in the SNP's local election manifesto.

I'm sure the SNP would not have fought so hard against publication - if the release of ScotGov legal advice helped their cause.


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