Government By Gang?

I think it's fair to say the SNP treats Scottish local government with near contempt these days - it's almost as if they feel untouchable, as if they can do what they like.

Because after 15 years of SNP rule Scotland's local councils have lost their once powerful voice and standards of behaviour have dropped to an all time low.

So much so that Scotland's justice secretary, Keith Brown, sees no conflict of interest in employing the Leader of Clackmannanshire Council as his Office Manager. 


God Above, Scot Nats! (December 13, 2021)

The SNP's deputy leader and justice minister, Keith Brown, told The National newspaper the other day that the behaviour of the Tory government will push more people into voting Yes.

Asked about stories of corruption and MPs' second jobs, Brown said: 

“I do think there’s a particular group of former No voters, people who voted No in 2014, who have just been appalled by what they’ve seen as almost like the disintegration of the British state." 

Keith's having a laugh, surely, especially after the news that the local SNP council leader has a second job as his Office Manager in Clackmannanshire?



God Above, Scot Nats! (November 19, 2021)

The Scottish nationalists are a pretty rum bunch these days, are they not?

Turns out the SNP leader of Clackmannanshire Council, Ellen Forson, appeared in the news recently after a trip to Costa Rica with an SNP MSP, Kenny Gibson, and without the knowledge of his wife, Patricia Gibson, as SNP MP at Westminster.

"An SNP worker whose secret tryst with a married Nats MSP was exposed is poised to land a top council job.

"It’s believed Ellen Forson, 43, will be proposed as the Clackmannanshire authority’s leader." 


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