Friday, 9 October 2020

Trump's Covid Check-Up

Here's a leaked photo from Donald Trump's latest Covid-19 medical check-up - apparently all the steroids Trump's been taking have given him a terrible case of the 'munchies'.


Trump's Girth Certificate (19/02/18)

Donald Trump is reportedly 6 feet 3 inches tall and according to his latest medical examination the president weighs in at 239 pounds - or 17 stones 1 pound.

But Twitter is not convinced that such a tall man is not a tad heavier, as his golfing photos seem to suggest and some wag is calling on Donald to produce his 'girth certificate'.

A reference to  Trump's ugly, racist 'birther' campaign in which he claimed President Barack Obama was not an American citizen and called on him to produce a birth certificate.

Now I don't normally comment on a person's weight or physical appearance, but Trump is a terrible bully who feels free to voice his opinion about others, often women, even though he is no 'oil painting' himself.

So if you ask me, Trump deserves all the mockery he gets.


Farting and Chewing Gum (13/05/17)

Is this photo proof positive of the claim, made in some quarters, that Donald Trump can't fart and chew gum at the same time?


Stupid Is As Stupid Does (07/01/18)

Image result for stupid is as stupid does

Donald Trump calls a press conference to prove he's not stupid - then tries to convince the world that he's 'very stable genius' to boot.

Ha, ha, ha, ha - now that is funny.