Trump, Religion and Bullshit

Like many other groups of supporters Trump has taken America's evangelical Christians for a ride - he just uses and exploits them.

Trump is not and never has been a religious person and as he says himself - it's all bullshit.


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Donald Trump is not a very religious person although his mother does hail from Scotland (the Isle of Lewis) and was by all accounts a old-fashioned, Scottish Presbyterian 

Trump has displayed no particular religious conviction during his adult life, as a prominent businessman and TV celebrity though this appears to be changing with Trump's new role as a politician.

Trump's speeches are now peppered with religious references and how much religion means to him which is, of course, exactly what happened with Saddam Hussein and Vladimir Putin.  


Putin and Saddam (12/05/14)

When I read this piece by Ben Macintrye in The Times I was immediately struck by the similarities between Vladimir Putin and Saddam Hussein.

Because the Russian President as a former KBG agent and member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was never a big supporter of the Orthodox Church until it became useful to him, politically speaking.

So when the young women members of Pussy Riot sang a protest song against the Kremlin in a Moscow Cathedral a few years ago, Orthodox Church leaders behaved in a furious and very un-Christian fashion which helped send these dangerous criminals to the gulag for four years (subsequently reduced to two), if I remember correctly.

In other words, the Orthodox Church became a useful political ally to President Putin as he strengthened his grip on power and began the task of isolating and removing his enemies.

Likewise with Saddam Hussein who was a famously high living and secular Iraqi President until the terrible war with Iran required him to suddenly become a devout Muslim so that he could exploit the tensions between Sunni and Shia Islam which continue to bedevil the world.

As religious leaders have shown throughout the ages - in Nazi Germany, in fascist Italy or as a supporter of General Franco in Spain - they are willing to throw their lot in with unscrupulous political leaders, if there's something in it for the faithful.   

No law can gag Russia’s champion swearers

By Ben Macintyre - The Times

Putin’s ban on profanity is an attempt to silence the country’s anarchic, supremely rude language of free expression

In the early 1980s censors in Romania attempted to ban the word “suitcase” from published works. People were fleeing the country and officials feared that the language of luggage was encouraging the exodus: if readers could not read “suitcase”, it was believed, they would not think about packing; and if they could be stopped from thinking about packing they would not think about quitting the socialist paradise of Romania.

Communist dictatorships frequently resorted to language-engineering, banning certain words or replacing them with officially approved euphemisms: in East Germany Christmas angels were stripped of religious connotations to become “year-end winged creatures” and, to take people’s minds off death, coffins were renamed “earth furniture”.

God's Mixed Messages (20/12/19)

Donald Trump's spiritual adviser (barking mad Paula White) claims he's the 'Chosen One', but Christianity Today seems to be interpreting God's message quite differently, as the magazine calls for Trump to be removed from office. 


Is It Any Wonder Trump Is Off His Head? (16/11/19)

Some will win, some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
Oh, the movie never ends
It goes on and on, and on and on ...

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Is it any wonder that Donald Trump is completely 'off his head' when he has installed advisers like Paula White in the White House?


God's Grifter (06/11/19)

I don't know if my favorite part is her saying "To say no to President Trump would be saying no to God," pretending to speak in tongues, or asking for $100k donations, promising more prosperity in heaven.

Trump knows a grifter when he sees one.

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Donald Trump's personal preacher, Paula White, has now been installed at the White House as a 'spiritual adviser'.

I don't know what's more objectionable about this religious maniac - her private plane, her $3.5 million dollar apartment in Trump tower or her claim to be 'downloading' heaven.


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