Donald Trump's Woman Problem

Donald Trump has a 'woman problem' which makes him lose his volatile temper and behave badly towards women who don't see the sexist old goat as some kind of catch. 


How Trump Sees Women (19/05/20)

Donald Trump tries to excuse his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who apparently demands that junior staff run all kinds of personal errands for him such as walking his dog, picking up his dry cleaning and making casual dinner reservations.

But Trumps ends with a real doozy when he says he'd rather Pompeo was on the phone with a world leader than have him wash dishes because his wife isn't there!  

Not so much a revealing insight into how the American Government works, as great example of how the sexist old goat's mind works.


Trump - Sexist Old Goat Storms Offstage (12/05/20)

Donald Trump's inability to control himself was on display again yesterday as he angrily wound up a White House press after being asked perfectly reasonable questions by two young women journalists.

The two journalists stood their ground politely while refusing to be intimidated by Trump's oafish and bullying behaviour.

As I've said before Trump has a real problem relating to articulate, professional women who don't see the sexist old goat as a some kind of 'catch'.


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