Friday, 1 September 2017

Glasgow Update (31/08/17)

Equal Pay claimants in Glasgow are getting restive over the attitude of Glasgow City Council officials who seem to resent the suggestion that the council's WPBR pay arrangements should be open, honest and transparent.

One asks "What's next?" - the answer to which is that it may become necessary for people to start raising these issues directly with the new political leadership of the City Council, in the first instance.

Because the SNP said that it would usher in a new approach, but so far at least it's just more of the same from senior officials who have a vested interest in preventing this issues from being put under proper scrutiny.  

I find this amusing considering the amount of times they have put in appeals costing a lot more £600.00 rediculous what happened to SNP not wanting this to drag on yet we find ourselves no further forward


Makes no sense at all sick of hearing or reading stories nearly every day without an outcome. I think we have waited long enough so what's next that's what we want to know.


Not good enough. If this related to any of their highest earners it would be sorted at the push of a button. Plus.


Perhaps we should join Twitter and ask GCC's new leader Susan Aitken why she is allowing the witholding of info, and so far not doing what she was elected to do. I hope the SNP council do not do a Labour and drag this out in order to avoid paying out.