Monday, 25 September 2017

Glasgow - Pay Gap Explained

Here is a selection of female dominated former 'Manual Worker' jobs in Glasgow City Council and the salaries they were paid back in 2007 - before the Council introduced new pay arrangements through its controversial Workforce Pay and Benefits Review (WPBR).

The WPBR was of course endorsed by the local trade unions who agreed a compensation scheme which capped compensation payments at a maximum of just £9,000 and excluded many groups of staff with perfectly valid claims: former APT&C Clerical Workers and School Janitors, for example.

Before the WPBR came into operation a Home Carer, for example, was on Manual Worker Grade 5 which meant that the Home Carer had an irresistible case for equal pay with a MW Grade 4 Gravedigger.

Because while the Home Carer's job was on a higher grade (MW5 compared to MW4) she was actually paid thousands of pounds a year less - £11,456.57 compared to £20,594.57 which illustrates the extent to which women's jobs had been cheated and robbed of their right to equal pay for years.

Many other female dominated jobs were in a similar position: a Roadworker on Grade MW1 was on the same £10,938.53 salary as an MW1 Council Cleaner, but the male job received a big bonus of £5,576.60 every year taking his total pay to £16,515.13

The list goes on and on: for example a Catering Supervisor on Grade MW4 being paid a total of £12,063.77 left far behind the earnings of a more lowly graded Refuse Collector on Grade MW2 whose £5,940.11 bonus took his salary to £17,247.81.  

I am planning to publish other examples in the next few days which will include details about:

  • More bonus earning male jobs  
  • Former APT&C staff such as Clerical Workers 
  • Non bonus earning male jobs such as School Janitors and Special Needs Drivers 

A4ES took up cases on behalf of the former APT&C staff and non bonus earning male jobs while the local trade unions in Glasgow told these members they had no right to equal pay.

So watch this space.


Former Manual Worker Jobs - prior to the WPBR

Home Carer MW5 

Annual Salary - £11,456.57

Bonus - Nil

Total Pay - £11,456.57

Cook MW 5 

Annual Salary - £12,438.68

Bonus - Nil

Total Pay - £12,438.68

Catering Supervisor MW4

Annual Salary - £12,063.77

Bonus - Nil

Total Pay - £12,063.77

Escort (Bus) MW3 

Annual Salary - £11,062.63

Bonus - Nil

Total Pay - £11,062.63

Assistant Cook (MW2)

Annual Salary - £11,307.70

Bonus - Nil

Total Pay - £11,307.70

Cleaner MW2 

Annual Salary - £11,307.70

Bonus - Nil

Total Pay - £11,307.70

Domestic (Cleaner) MW1 

Annual Salary - £10,938.53

Bonus - Nil

Total Pay - £10,938.53

Breaking News! (22/09/17)

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Just a quick note to say that I plan to publish tomorrow some pay data on key female dominated jobs in Glasgow City Council to remind to remind claimants of the pay gap - and of just how much they were being cheated and robbed of their right to equal pay for work of equal value over a period of many years.  


Glasgow's Pay Arrangements (22/09/17)

A Garage Engineer was not a highly skilled or highly graded  post before the WPBR which can be seen from the fact that the job attracted an annual salary of £14,073.36 - before the City Council's new pay arrangements came into operation in 2007.

Yet a Garage Engineer managed to earn an eye watering bonus of no less than £17,060.00 which along with other enhancements, such as shift allowance, took his total pre-WPBR pay to £31,653.74

Post of Garage Engineer - prior to the WPBR

Pre-WPBR Grade - EO 1

Pre-WPBR Contracted Pay - £14,073.36

Bonus Pay - £17,060.00

Total Pay - £31,653.74 (including other enhancements such as shift allowance)

Now that was £12,000 a year more than a highly qualified Child Development Officer was paid prior to the introduction of the WPBR.

Yet the City Council and the local trade unions agreed to exclude lots of former APT&C jobs from receiving compensation for these enormous and unjustifiable pay differences between traditional male and female jobs. 

To follow - the salaries of some of the key claimant jobs so that everyone understands the size of the 'pay gap' and the extent to which women workers were denied equal pay for work of equal value in Glasgow for years and years and years.

The City Council, of course, gave a commitment (the EDC) to male workers that their bonus earnings would be 'looked after' under the WPBR and this point that was picked up by Lady Norris in the Court of Session decision which judged Glasgow's pay arrangements to be 'unfit for purpose'. 


Coming Clean in Glasgow (20/09/17)

In the days ahead I plan to publish details about the pay of Glasgow City Council's 'comparator' and 'claimant' jobs - both before and after the introduction of the WPBR in 2007.

The purpose of this exercise is to highlight just how much less women were paid than their male colleagues - even when the women were on the same grade, a higher grade or palpably doing work of 'equal value' to the men.

To add insult to injury, the huge pay differences continued after the WPBR was introduced and when you look at things in the cold light of day, it's impossible to conclude anything other than the 'books were cooked' in favour of the male jobs.  

How else could Gravediggers, Gardeners and other male dominated jobs be capable of earning more than their women colleagues, both before and after Glasgow's new WPBR pay arrangements came into operation? 

As one of the judges, Lady Norris, put the point at the Court of Session hearing, the council clearly “looked after” the men well beyond the protection period. 

In which case, everyone needs to know precisely how the men were helped and what affect this had on their pay. 

Because Glasgow's women workers were clearly entitled to the same 'help' as the men and what happened to the men is the baseline for any settlement discussions.

Post of Gravedigger - prior to the WPBR

Pre-WPBR Grade - MW 4

Pre-WPBR Contracted Pay - £10,938.53

Bonus Pay - £8,503.80

Total Pay - £20,594.57

Now a Home Carer (MW5) was on a higher grade than a Gravedigger (MW4) before the WPBR was introduced, but the female dominated job was paid much less - and that is the historical basis of people's equal pay claims.

Men being paid much more than women for doing jobs that evidently carry less skill and responsibility.

Because you can't have a female dominated job that is fairly evaluated under an 'objective' job evaluation scheme (JES) and then pay the woman's job much less than a male dominated job which has been given a lower score and grade. 

But that is exactly what happened when Glasgow brought in its new WPBR/EDC pay scheme in 2007 and, of course, the big differences in pay between male and female jobs continue to this day.