Friday, 29 September 2017

Glasgow - Readers Up In Arms

People are understandably very angry at the news that the new SNP led Glasgow City Council is simply re-hashing the previous lame excuses of the old Labour controlled Glasgow City Council over its decision to seek 'leave to appeal' the recent landmark 'equal pay' decision from Scotland's highest civil court, the Court of Session. 

Do I need too question why GMB Union are losing there members. NAW.
😱😱 😂😂😂😂 

Stand up too GCC ya crawlers. Stand up for the few members you have. Hence the reason I stood up and spoke out at the first city chambers rally. Unions are trying to take the credit. When the only people who are on our side is Action 4 Equality. Stand up Mr Stefan Cross and team. 


So much for the SNP all talk as usual , Why are GCC getting away with this , they shouldn't be allowed to appeal when 3 top Judges unanimously ruled in the woman's favour , instead of wasting all this money on court cases it would suit them better to pay us out , all they are doing is stalling , it's an absolute disgrace, it's about time they acknowledged that they need to pay up !!


Papers should run stories of all there lies and broken promises let the public see what liars the snp really are see what votes they get at next election when everyone knows truth of what they're really like hang your heads in shame the lot if them SNP.


SNP have lost my vote. I will now only vote in another referendum. If the people who decided this were being discriminated against in their salaries, I bet this would not be happening.


Typical GCC always asking us to pay up for Glasgow e.g. rent council tax etc they didn't have to appeal but once again typical lies from councillors get paying we,ve waited long enough dissapointed again.


This is absolutely ridiculous pay up gcc and give us what we are due instead of all the big cat salaries give us humble workers what we deserve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SNP are a joke really disappointed in them

J 😡

The leader of the council appears to be juggling lots of things....unsuccessfully.....


They r just doing what they like with us


This is bloody ridiculous!!! How on earth can they get away with this !!


Shocking decision by GCC. But i am not surprised. Angry and disappointed by SNP


P p p bunch of numpties power to the people


Now the SNP leadership say that 'seeking leave to appeal' is not the same as carrying through with an appeal and that they remain committed to a negotiated settlement of the outstanding equal pay claims with people finally getting what they are due.

But if that's true the City Council needs to get its skates on because there has still not been a high level meeting with A4ES (which represents over 80% of Glasgow claimants) to even begin to discuss the way forward.

And before anyone can find a solution the City Council needs to come clean about  the way in which the pay of male bonus earning jobs was 'looked after' under the WPBR - because that information will provide the basis of any settlement.