Thursday, 28 September 2017

Glasgow and Equal Pay

Here's a leaflet from A4ES which will be appearing in the Glasgow press in the days ahead.

The text of the leaflet highlights the fact that because the Council's job evaluation scheme (JES) and WPBR pay arrangements are 'unfit for purpose' - existing employees who have not already registered an equal pay claim can do so now.

Also, anyone who has left the City Council's employment within the past 5 years is now able to register a claim.

And everyone who has been with A4ES from the very beginning will see their claims go back 10 years, ie. all the way back to 2007 when the WPBR pay scheme was first introduced.

The City Council's ALEOs are covered by this decision including: Glasgow Life, Glasgow Housing, City Parking (Glasgow) LLP, Cordia (Service) LLP, City Building (Glasgow) LLP, Glasgow Marketing Bureau Limited, ACCESS LLP, Community Safety Glasgow, Jobs & Business Glasgow and City Property (Glasgow) LLP.