Thursday, 15 October 2020

Teachers in La La Land



I thought this story about scrapping parents' evening was a joke until I read the comments of the SSTA union which for some inexplicable reason is even opposed to these school events being held online. 

“We can’t have parents visiting school premises because of the Covid risk and, in terms of online meetings, the ICT security is not really there which could potentially put a teacher in difficulty if, for example, they are filmed and that footage gets out there.

Read the full story via the link below to The Herald.

Coronavirus Scotland: Call to scrap school parents evenings

By John-Paul Holden - The Herald 

Parents evenings provide a valued opportunity for updates on a child's progress in the classroom.

PARENTS evenings must be ruled out either online or face-to-face under new guidance being prepared for Scotland’s schools.

The warning from the Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association (SSTA) highlights fears over spreading coronavirus in classrooms and internet security issues if they are held digitally.