Sunday, 27 September 2020

How To Spread Covid-19


The Herald reports that there has been a mass exodus of students from Glasgow despite being ordered to quarantine after an outbreak of Covid-19 cases.

I'll be interested to hear how the Scottish Government responds because while it is clear that arrangements for students resuming their studies have been a complete shambles, hundreds of people returning home without bothering to quarantine can only help the virus spread even further.

Read the full story via the link below to the Sunday Herald.

Coronavirus Scotland: 'Mass exodus' of students from locked down university accommodation

By Ema Sabljak - The Herald 

'Mass exodus' of students from locked down university accommodation

Students across Glasgow have fled from university accommodation to return home, despite coronavirus guidelines.

Halls of residences have seen a mass exodus in recent days after strict restrictions were announced, the Daily Record reports.

National clinical director Jason Leitch previously announced students should not return home as they now belonged to new households.

On Friday, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she would support universities expelling students “as a last resort” if they “flagrantly” breach rules.

But students told the Daily Record students residencies felt like prison prompting a 'mass exodus'.

Second-year MA History student James Yucel, 19, returned home to England on Friday.

He said: “On Thursday night there was just widespread panic as students learned of the new restrictions.

“It was utter chaos with students booking flights, trains and getting packed up. It’s been so poorly handled.