Monday, 22 October 2018

In Loving Memory - Margaret Gorman

Before Glasgow's March and Rally for Equal Pay gets underway tomorrow (Tuesday 23rd) there will be a minute's silence for all of the claimants who have passed away since this long-running dispute began back in 2006/07. 

Here's a Facebook post from Stefan Cross which Remembers another Glasgow claimant - Margaret Gorman 

Shout to GORDON and his beloved wife Margaret. 
16 years as a home carer. 
She sadly passed away 5 YEARS AGO. This show the obscene delay in these cases. 
Home Carer - 01/07/1994 to 20/11/2010
DOB: 08/04/1952
Passed away on the 12/02/2013

Here is a message from her husband :
My name is Gordon Gorman , I have been representing my late wife through Stefan since my wife passed away while waiting for her claim for equal pay settlement along with her working colleagues. I'm more than happy for a photo of my late wife to be shown in respect to this matter and also in support of her colleagues who are still fighting for this while the council are stalling in settlement in my wife's case and others who have now passed away while waiting for a settlement. I know Margaret would be happy to support her working colleagues in any way that she could. As Margaret's husband and Executor I give you the authority to show her photo in support off her claim that is still waiting to be settled . 
Gordon Gorman

Thanks Gordon.