Monday, 22 October 2018

In Loving Memory - Elaine Russell

Before Glasgow's March and Rally for Equal Pay gets underway tomorrow (Tuesday 23rd) there will be a minute's silence for all of the claimants who have passed away since this long-running dispute began back in 2006/07. 

Here's a Facebook post from Stefan Cross which Remembers another Glasgow claimant - Elaine Russell. 


I got this message from another bereaved relative - DONNA BURNS

I’m so grateful to the relatives for allowing me to do this.

So RIP ELAINE. not forgotten.

Hi Stefan

I think it is great that you are including the women that have passed away in this fight for quality. I would like it if you can include my late mother. Elaine Russell ,home care co ordinator.

Born 25/5/1959 passed away 20/12/2014

My mother was a hard working woman who did all the hours to care for her family and to know that she was robbed of money that she was rightly owed is disgusting behaviour from GCC.

I hope that all my mum's colleagues and the rest of the woman out there get what is rightly theirs.