Monday, 22 October 2018

Glasgow's Equal Pay Claimants Know Why They're Striking!

I listened to the Woman's Hour programme earlier today which discussed the fight for equal pay in Glasgow City Council.

Amanda Green (Unison) Shona Thomson (GMB) and Stefan Cross (A4ES) all gave a great account of themselves speaking on behalf of 'Team Equal Pay'.

Sadly, I can't say the same about the Council Leader, Susan Aitken, who said she didn't understand why the Glasgow claimants are going on strike.

So for the record and the umpteenth time the claimants are striking because of the Council's failure to deliver the 'serious negotiations' that were promised months ago.

Settlement talks are not making 'good progress', in fact they've broken down and quite incredibly the Council is refusing to talk to the unions (GMB and Unison) while strike action is underway or is being planned.   

If settlement talks had been making 'good progress' as Susan Aitken claims, there would be no strike and thousands of outstanding equal pay claims would not be heading back to the Employment Tribunals - which they are!

If you ask me, this kind of insulting, ill-informed rubbish is making things worse rather than better - the claimants have very right to go on strike to make their point and instead of attacking the workforce, the Council should be listening to what they have to say.

Glasgow's workers are not 'mindless sheep'. 



Woman's Hour and Glasgow's Fight for Equal Pay

Stefan Cross and two carers are on the BBC's Radio 4 programme at 10am this morning to discuss the fight for equal pay with Glasgow City Council.