Monday, 22 October 2018

Glasgow - Strike News

Here's an email I received over the weekend about cover arrangements during Glasgow's equal pay strike.

Hi Mark, hope all is well with you. 

Just to let you know that that D switched jobs this year and is now a community (district) nurse in Shawlands. 

They were told that next week they would be expected to carry out the work not being done by the strikers next week. 

Another example of a group of caring, over-worked and under-paid workers (mostly female) being exploited. 

D is really concerned that this will be impossible as the nurses already have a full workload. When I suggested that maybe the non-essential visits be cancelled she replied that there are no non-essential visits. 

Feel free to use this information in your blog, but please keep it anonymous. 


My reading of this is that Glasgow City Council has been less than straight with the trade unions over the need for 'life and limb' cover.

So instead of using 'anonymous sources' to attack and blame the Home care workforce in the newspapers, the Council ought to be talking with the unions directly.