Friday, 19 October 2018

Glasgow MSPs and MPs

I wonder how many of Glasgow MSPs and MPs will turn up at next Tuesday's March and Rally to support the fight for equal pay in Glasgow City Council.

I've heard that one Glasgow MSP has refused to meet with his local constituents as a result of the strike which seems a very odd to medway to behave if you ask me - more details to follow on that front.

I think I'll publish the names and photos of all Glasgow MSPs and MPs in the run up to Tuesday's March and Rally.

So that regular readers of the blog can let me know who they spot and which of the City's MSPs and MPs have taken the trouble to turn up to show their support.


Glasgow MSPs and MPs (02/10/18)

An indignant Glasgow claimant has been in touch to say that a request for a meeting with her local MSP to discuss equal pay was met with a response along the lines of:

'MSPs don't have the power to tell their local councils what to do and don't have authority to intervene over an issue like equal pay'.

Now knock me down with a feather, but I could swear that I've read about Glasgow MSPs and MPs engaging in all sorts of issues in recent days - in both the press and social media - and here are some examples I've gathered in a brief visit to Twitter. 
  • Potential jobs cut at STV in Govan (a private company)
  • Investment in shipbuilding (a private industry) 
  • Brexit - the impact on the UK economy
  • Scottish water - disruption to supplies
  • Tayside health board - senior staff pay offs
  • Catalonia and independence
  • Labour Party Conference 2018
  • Living wage campaign at Amazon (a private company)
  • Glasgow's Ganesh Festival
  • HIV Street Support Project
  • Scottish Apprenticeship Week
  • UN International Day of Peace
  • The Bedroom Tax
  • Scots vs Austerity 
  • Stormy weather in Scotland
  • The cost of Trident 
  • 70th anniversary of Hiroshima
  • Radio Clyde (a private company)
  • Wigtown Book Festival
  • Palestine
But don't just take my word for it alone - have a look for yourself on Facebook, Twitter and so on - and I'm sure you'll agree that politicians are happy to comment on just about every issue under the sun.

The fight for equal pay in Glasgow is no exception - it's not a  'no go' area for the city's MSPs and MPs.

So don't be fobbed off with pathetic excuses - ask you MSP and MP where they stand on important issues like the City Council's 'unfit for purpose' WPBR pay scheme and its notorious 37 hour rule, for example.

MSPs and MPs may not have the power to tell the Council what to do, but they can sure as hell make their views known on behalf of their local constituents.


Glasgow's MSPs and MPs (08/09/18)

A Glasgow claimant has contacted me over the response she's received from her local MSP regarding the ongoing fight for equal pay in Glasgow City Council.

The MSP's response was pretty poor ill-informed, I have to say, but here's my suggestion about how to avoid getting 'fobbed off' and how take things forward in a positive way

Hi C

Why don't you point out to your MSP that there are no 'negotiations' taking place with Glasgow City Council - and that after 8 months and 19 separate settlement meetings not a single thing of substance has been agreed.

Which is why all the outstanding equal pay cases are heading back to the Glasgow Employment Tribunal and why the trade unions (GMB and Unison) are balloting their members on strike action.

Use the information that I've published on my blog site such as the post below - better still get a few of your friends together and ask your MSP for a meeting where you can discuss the issues with him/her in person.

If I can be of any more help, let me know.

Kind regards



Glasgow - Strike for Equal Pay (04/09/18)

No one wants a strike, but Glasgow's equal pay claims are heading back to the Employment Tribunals and industrial action is on the cards because:
  • After 8 months and 18 separate settlement meetings serious negotiations with the Council have still not got off the ground
  • The Council has been moving at the veritable 'speed of a glacier' since the start of this year - without much purpose or direction
  • The senior officials leading the sham settlement talks are the same group of officials who introduced the WPBR and who have been defending the scheme for years
  • Senior officials do not accept the judgment of the Court of Session, Scotland's highest civil court, that their WPBR pay scheme is 'unfit for purpose'
  • Nor do senior officials officials do not accept that the notorious 37 hour 'rule' is blatantly discriminatory or that they have failed to protect the interests of the Council's lowest paid, predominantly female workforce
  • The Council rejected the Claimants' comparators and settlement proposals out of hand - without a serious response or putting forward an alternative 
  • Presenting an one-sided offer to claimants at the 'fag end' of 2018 is a complete joke - not a negotiation