Friday, 12 October 2018

Glasgow Claimants vs Mindless Sheep

The Leader of Glasgow City Council, Susan Aitken, has incurred the wrath of the city's equal pay claimants for suggesting that they don't know why they are going on strike.

Here's what some of the claimants had to say and they don't sound to at all to me like 'mindless sheep'.

It's shocking trying to pass all the blame on the unions.What about Glasgow City Council officers involvement fighting all those years at a cost of two and a half million. And more recently bringing in more lawyers, not worried about the public purse then.

And I think she has a cheek to say we don't understand why we are striking.Well for me its about them having meetings for 10 months yet still unwilling to agree comparators or the 37hr rule.


Obviously it’s only us unskilled working class woman who can’t think for ourselves


So attack the unions and A4ES and tell us we are thick as shit in other words cos we have no minds of our own. Everyone to blame here except them - they are the culprits here the woman is Deluded!


If I remember right it was us that told the unions to strike not the unions pulling us out... Ms Aitken are you insinuating us women don't know our own mind and can't think for ourselves.


Game, set and match to the claimants and strikers - if you ask me.