Sunday, 21 October 2018

Glasgow City Council Owes Its Home Care Workforce An Apology

Good evening Glasgow!

I've been in London all day at the March and Rally in support of a People's Vote on the final terms of any Brexit Deal - or No Deal, for that matter.

So I was unable to respond properly to the disgusting attack launched by Glasgow City Council earlier today on the Home Care workforce, the equal pay strike and the trade unions, GMB and Unison.

Now this vile message (that the Glasgow carers don't care about their clients) could only have come from the chief executive's office - or the Council Leader's office.

No one else within Glasgow City Council would even dare to speak in such a way without the highest level of clearance before speaking to an important local newspaper like the Evening Times. 

So who is responsible for this ugly, cowardly act?

Let's hear from Annemarie O'Donnell and the Council Leader, Cllr Susan Aitken!

In the meantime, here's a much more appropriate Facebook comment from Stefan Cross on behalf of Action 4 Equality Scotland - and the thousands of claimants still fighting for their right to equal pay.



Whilst the council scaremongers about the risk to clients

Let’s remember those claimants who have actually passed and whose families still wait for justice.

Let’s remember:

The late Maureen McDonald

DOB: 24/04/1958

Passed away on: 15 March 2015

Catering Manager 01/04/1998 to 25/06/2011

Comments from Husband Charles McDonald

”In memory of my late wife Maureen McDonald I would like to add my support to the cause for equal pay. The City Council have dragged their feet on this pay claim for far too long. Pay the lassies what they are due and settle this issue once and for all Glasgow.”

Thank you Mr. McDonald. We will keep on fighting for you.

And thank you for the great photo.

RIP Maureen.

We will keep up her memory and many others like her.

Stefan Cross