Friday, 19 October 2018

Europe Wades In

The voice of Europe's public service workers (EPSU) lends its support to the fight for equal pay in Glasgow City Council.

Ref.: JWG/cb
Brussels, 17 October 2018

Dear Colleagues

EPSU, Europe’s voice of public service workers, wishes you every success with your strike action in Glasgow on 23-24 October.

A victory for you on this fundamental question of equal pay for women will be a landmark for public service unions both in the UK and across Europe. The fight against gender inequality of all forms is central to the work of public service unions and to our work at the European Federation EPSU. We will be urging all our affiliates to send solidarity messages to you in the days leading up to the action.

We note the long-term fight you have been waging to secure equal pay for thousands of women who provide essential services across the city. We hope that this action will bring the Council back to the negotiating table to resolve the conflict and deliver all these workers their entitlement to equal pay.

Yours in solidarity,

Jan Willem Goudriaan 

EPSU General Secretary