Saturday, 13 October 2018

Calling Glasgow!

I've had a great response to my 'Calling Glasgow' post about the public statements made the the Leader of Glasgow City Council during the long fight for equal pay. 

I've received a barrowload of suggestions and comments I need to follow up (see two examples below) and I'll be doing so I'll be doing in the days ahead.

Because a fair settlement of Glasgow's equal pay claims has to be based upon what the claimants have lost as a result the WPBR including the loss of their pension rights - 'what the Council can afford' is not what I have in mind when I hear the words 'serious negotiations'. 


I am 100% certain that the Council Leader Susan Aitken used the word deserve in the BBC Radio Scotland interview that Stefan was involved in some weeks ago.



Hi Mark 

I’ve listened to SA's interview on radio Scotland where she says the word 'deserve' in relation to our claim



Calling Glasgow! (11/10/18)

I am hoping regular readers can help me out, as I'm looking for details of public statements made by Susan Aitken during the fight for equal pay in Glasgow City Council. 

Now as readers know I've got a lot of time for Susan Aitken  whom I've met with on a number of occasions both before and since she became Leader of the City Council.

I haven't caught up with Susan for quite a while, though I have always found her to be very sincere about tackling Glasgow's blatantly discriminatory pay arrangements. 

But I'm pretty sure that Councillor Aitken has stated publicly, before now, that the claimants should get what they are 'due', 'deserve' or are 'entitled to' rather than what the City Council says it can afford. 

If you ask me, that's putting the cart in front of the horse since the first step ought to be working out what the pay difference has been over the years - before getting down to serious negotiations.

So if anyone has a newspapers, magazine articles or emails  they can point me towards, that would be a really big help - just drop me a note to: