Saturday, 9 February 2019

The 'Jeremy Corbyn' Party

A timely Twitter comment.


Vote Leave! - says Corbyn (05/02/19)

Here's a very revealing post from Twitter which has  Jeremy Corbyn showing some real passion over Europe for a change - only this time the Labour leader shows his  true colours as a pro-Leave, arch-Brexiteer. 

Corbyn's most memorable contributions to the Brexit debate, so far, have been:
  • Calling for Article 50 to be triggered the day after the EU referendum - a move which defied all common sense
  • Arguing that the UK can leave the EU yet still enjoy all the benefits of remaining as a member of the EU - an anti-trade union argument, if ever there was one
  • Insisting that Brexit is 'inevitable' - a view which the vast majority of Labour party members and supporters oppose   

Team Corbyn vs Brexit (03/02/19)

Team Corbyn put up the unelected Shami Chakrabarti on Sky News earlier today to try and explain/defend Labour policy on Brexit.

Noticeable by his absence was the Labour Party's official  spokesperson on Brexit, Keir Starmer, who was also missing from the Labour delegation which accompanied Jeremy to his recent audience at No.10 with the Prime Minister, Theresa May.

In Keir Starmer's absence the Dear Leader was accompanied by his unelected official spokesperson Seamus Milne and his unelected chief of staff Karie Murphy who, in a former life, was a local Unison branch official at the Victoria Hospital in Glasgow.