Thursday, 7 February 2019

Glasgow - Grapes, Gripes and Cucumbers

I thought on this momentous day I would re-post my New Year Message from 2018 which explains what happens when you pay one part of a workforce in 'cucumbers' and another with much juicer, tastier 'grapes'.  

Now wouldn't it have saved a whole load of time and trouble if more people in high places had read my post, watched this instructive video and taken its message to heart?


New Year Message for Glasgow (01/01/18)

If I were running Glasgow City Council, I would extend an invitation Frans de Waal's to explain the psychology of equal pay to the council's senior officials 

Watch this great excerpt from Ted Talks to see how low paid women workers in Glasgow have been treated for years, as second class citizens, paid in 'cucumbers' while their male colleagues were being rewarded with much juicer and tastier grapes.

But thanks to the long fight for equal pay and powerful backing from the Court of Session, Scotland's highest civil court, the tables have turned.

Glasgow's lowest paid, predominantly female workers now have the confidence to tell City Council bosses to stick their cucumbers where the sun don't shine!