Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Glasgow. Spanners and Equal Pay

Stefan Cross posted an update on Facebook the other day to say that Equal Pay in Glasgow is not yet a 'done deal' and that both sides have still to agree a detailed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which would put all the outstanding issues to bed.

Now I don't know what the issues are, but I do hope the Council Side is not raising ridiculous demands at the last minute, dragging its feet again or throwing any spanners in the works.

Because there would be 'hell to pay' if that were the case, especially with the news that yet another of Glasgow's claimants has sadly passed away while waiting for her claim to be resolved.

So let's hope there is definite news this week which would allow everyone to get on with their lives. 



We need to be clear that THE DEAL IS NOT YET DONE

There was a hope that we’d sign the agreement between the claimant group and the council (the MOU) this week, before the CAC on Thursday.

I think that is now unlikely. We’ve had 3 more meetings including 2 drafting meetings and we still don’t have an agreement.

The problems fall into 3 categories:

1. Pure wording matters
2. New issues of principle
3. practical issues.

1 is taking longer than I expected

2 these were unexpected hurdles but look as if they are going to be resolved. I know this is vague but the council invoked the confidentiality clause.

3 This is just a big job and is likely to be the biggest reason the deal will be delayed. We need to agree whose covered and for what. This work is just not complete yet. In my view this is essential to signing the MOU.

Of course nothing is agreed until everything is agreed

So we are not there yet.

This doesn’t really affect CAC as the report is one which endorses the principle and gives officers delegations.

So it’s not the big day everyone hoped for. Beware reports that CAC Approval means there’s a deal. It doesn’t, but I expect there will be inaccurate spin. Don’t be fooled.

As ever a huge amount of work by the whole claimant team is going on behind the scenes.

Almost there but not yet.

Stefan Cross