Monday, 23 July 2012

Second Class Citzens

I read an interesting story over the weekend - about the forthcoming Olympic Games in London.  

Apparently, Japan's World Cup-winning women's football team flew to London in bog standard economy seats - while the much less distinguished male team went business class.

Now the women have a good chance of winning gold - so they say - but the Japanese men aren't even expected to get a medal - according to the pundits.

Mari Miura, Professor of Political Science at Sophia University in Tokyo, said:

“It was symbolic of general discrimination against women.”

Now I don't know whether the women's treatment comes down to the 'conspiracy or cock-up theory' of history - but in my view it makes no difference at all - because the outcome as far as the women are concerned is exactly the same.

So I agree with Professor Miura from Sophia University - the Japanese authorities should be ashamed of themselves.