Monday, 16 July 2012

Humble Pie

Here's an extract from a Unison briefing in South Lanarkshire Council - dating back to 1 December 2005.

"In brief, other councils are now rushing to catch up with the position arrived at in South Lanarkshire some years ago."

Err, I think not.

In fact I would say that other councils in Scotland wouldn't touch South Lanarkshire Council's 'in-house' job evaluation scheme with a proverbial bargepole - to coin a phrase

To me this sounds like propaganda - and it's all the more surprising coming from a trade union which is supposed to be acting independently of the council employer - while looking at these issues with a critical eye.

In light of the recent Employment Tribunal decision against South Lanarkshire Council - and its 'not to be relied upon' job evaluation scheme - may this rather bold claim will now be revisited.

Served up perhaps - with a generous helping of humble pie.