Glasgow's Lost The Plot

Marks & Spencers are pulling out of Sauchiehall Street at the end of April and will be followed soon afterwards by Sports Direct.

Meanwhile Glasgow City Council is proposing to demolish the Buchanan Galleries.

"Glasgow is a dump" (March 20, 2022)

"Sauchiehall Street is dying", says Philip Rodney - a comment I agree with and that's before Marks & Spencers and Sports Direct pull out of one of Glasgow's most famous streets.

Meanwhile the city's SNP led council is proposing to tear down the Buchanan Galleries - go figure!

Closing Down - Sauchiehall Street (February 11, 2022)

I fail to see the point in tearing down the Buchanan Galleries which is just 30 years old, very popular and well patronised - when other parts of Glasgow city centre are going to rack and ruin.

What are the city planners thing of with this hugely costly and wasteful proposal?


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