Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Climate Change in Glasgow

Here's what Glasgow looked like this time last year - and yet today it feels like spring has already sprung!


Glasgow's Front-Line Workers (28/02/18)

Glasgow is facing 'whiteout' conditions this morning after a very heavy snowfall overnight - under other circumstances I would say it makes a pleasant change from the rain, but I'm not so sure this morning because things look pretty treacherous out there.

The city's buses are still moving though there are a lot fewer vehicles on the streets which is not surprising in the conditions.

The City Council has announced that all schools and nurseries are closed which is a sensible decision, but spare a thought for the many council employees who are out there pounding the snow covered streets delivering essential, front-line services!

I take my hat off to all the Home Carers and others who are still at work looking after their clients and services users come hail, rain, wind and snow - as well as the occasional Arctic blizzard!