Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Socialists, Housing and Hypocrites

I wonder if Jeremy Corbyn thinks his old chum Michael Meacher was wealthy after the news that the veteran socialist Labour MP left £5.2 million in his will.

Apparently this staunch Corbyn supporter made a fortune in the property market after becoming a Labour MP in 1970.

During his career Mr Meacher wrote a book "Socialism With A Human Face' and spoke out against people with second homes even though in 2001 he was revealed to the the owner of at least 9 houses, maisonettes and flats worth a cool £2 million.

I'll bet you a pound to a penny that Mr Meacher was also a fierce opponent of the right to buy legislation introduced by the Conservative Government in the 1980s, yet he was obviously doing very well himself out of a booming property market. 

The following report in The Times (behind the paywall) has all the details. 



Embarrassment of Riches (29/08/16)

The Herald reported yesterday that Jeremy Corbyn does not consider himself to be wealthy despite earning five times the average worker’s wage.

The newspaper went on to report that Mr Corbyn’s salary as MP for Islington is just under £75,000 this year, but that he was also entitled to an additional £63,000 as leader of the opposition, giving a total of £138,000.

But this figure fails to mention Mr Corbyn's pension from Unison (NUPE), his state retirement pension which he is entitled to draw being 67 years of age, his exceedingly generous final salary pension arrangements as an MP which are 'banked' for the moment and his £600,000 house in north London.

Not just that, of course, because Mr Corbyn has been a member of the House of Commons for the past 33 years during which time his MP's salary amounted to around £2.5 million (at today's prices) and he has also enjoyed outside earning with Iranian state TV, for example, for which he was paid $27,000 between 2009 and 2012.

So Jezza's way more than just comfortably off, if you ask me.