Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Carry On Corbyn

I travel with Virgin Trains regularly and I've always found it to be a very good service to be honest.

Like most sensible people, I book a seat in advance and, by and large, the earlier you do so the cheaper the fare. 

The last time I traveled back from London a friend joined me and sat in a 'reserved' seat next to me rather than his own which was in a different carriage.

Unlike the Carry on Corbyn fiasco there was no absolutely fuss or drama involved.

Jeremy Corbyn angered by train seat row questions

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has reacted angrily to questions about his spat with Sir Richard Branson over a Virgin Train journey. 
He said he hoped the businessman was "well aware" of his plans to nationalise rail operators.
Sir Richard has challenged the Labour leader's claim in a video that he could not find a seat on a "packed" train from London to Newcastle.
Mr Corbyn tried to close down questions about it at a tetchy press conferenceHe told reporters he was there to talk about his NHS policies, but he eventually relented, saying: "I am very pleased that Richard Branson has been able to break off from his holiday to take this issue seriously and with the importance it obviously deserves. 
"I hope he is very well aware of our policy, which is that train operating companies should become part of the public realm, not the private sector."
He added that he was looking forward to meeting Virgin Trains to discuss regulatory issues that needed to be addressed "even before we take them back into public ownership".
In a film shown on The Guardian last week, Mr Corbyn said while sitting on the floor between carriages that he was experiencing a problem "many passengers face every day" on the London to Newcastle train.