Friday, 12 June 2020

Mental Dental (2)

I think it's astonishing that dental practices in Scotland are struggling to reopen because of ongoing problems with PPE.

I mean, the Coronavirus epidemic has only been at the absolute forefront of everyone's minds for the past 5 months.

So how is it possible that a lack of PPE can cause such problems at this stage.

The Times reports below on more discussions within the Scottish Government and apparently 'something' is going to happen later this month, in June 2020, yet no one seems to know exactly what's planned even after all these weeks and months.

Coronavirus in Scotland: Lack of PPE for dentists delays return

Practices in the UK have been asked to reopen on Monday but surgeries north of the border will resume later - 

BY Helen Puttick - The Times

Dental practices in Scotland will not reopen to NHS patients from next Monday as had been widely trailed.

Practices across England have been asked to reopen on Monday but anxiety about whether they are ready to start accepting patients has been raised.

According to the British Dental Association, Tom Ferris, the Chief Dental Officer for Scotland, has said practices north of the border will now open later than provisionally scheduled.

A spokesman for the BDA said: “This is to allow enough time for practices and NHS boards to make the necessary preparations, as well as finalise the funding model and secure sufficient PPE.

“The reopening date is subject to further internal Scottish government discussions, but will be some time this month. We expect the chief dental officer will send a letter to the profession this week with an update on the indicative timescale for reopening.”

Mental Dental (14/11/19)

Here's a wonderful image from Twitter which shows how the nerves in your teeth send messages to your brain.

Courtesy of the Physics and Astronomy Zone @ZonePhysics