Friday, 12 June 2020

Anarchists Are Self-Entitled, Self-Righteous Pricks

My Uncle Edmund joined the Highland Light Infantry (HLI) as a young man, fought against fascism in the Second World War and was lucky to escape with his life in the evacuation from Dunkirk. 

Now I know this counts for nothing amongst the people who vandalised the memorial to the HLI in Glasgow's Kelvingrove Park the other day.

But that's because they are self-entitled, self-righteous pricks whose infantile 'all cops are bastards' message will earn nothing but contempt from the vast majority of Glaswegians. 


Family Photos - Edmund and Pat (29/05/20)

Here's a photo of my Uncle Edmund (in his kilt) and Uncle Pat together in uniform, perhaps before they set off from Glasgow to serve in the fight against fascism. 

Many young men who fought in the Second World War never returned to their families, of course, which might explain the motive for taking a photo of the two brothers in uniform. 


Fighting Against Fascism (08/05/20)

Here's a photo of my Uncle Edmund during the Second World War and one of my Uncle Pat - two brothers from the same family who were involved in the fight against Hitler and fascism.

From what I remember of our family's history Edmund served in one of the Highland regiments (my cousin Paul has been in touch since to say it was the HLI - Highland Light Infantry) while Pat had a role in communications.

I remember Edmund and Pat with great fondness - they would both have laughed at being held up as 'heroes', yet the truth is that without people like Edmund and Pat the world we live in now would be a very different place.  


Family Photos (13/04/20)

Here's a photo of my grandmother, Mary Fitzgibbon, with her two oldest children and Edmund and Pat.

My uncle Edmund was the eldest child and four daughters followed after Pat: Kathleen, May, Sheila (my mother) and Nora.

A seventh child (a boy named Joseph) was stillborn, if I remember correctly.

Edmund and Pat both served during the Second World War - Edmund was a real character, full of fun and always brought a smile to your face; Pat was quieter and more reflective, but no less interesting to be with for all that. 


Glasgow - A Tribune Speaks (08/05/20)

Meanwhile in Glasgow one of the city's MSPs shares her illuminating thoughts on VE Day.