Thursday, 2 July 2009

South Lanarkshire - Diary Dates

Good news for South Lanarkshire claimants – the Glasgow employment tribunal has set the following series of dates to hear the challenge to the council’s ‘in house’ 555 job evaluation scheme.

September: 29 and 30
October: 1, 2, 9 and 26
November: 30
December 9, 10, 17 and 18

South Lanarkshire is unique amongst councils in Scotland – no one else has completely ignored the nationally recommended job evaluation scheme - and introduced anything as bizarre as the 555 grading scheme

We believe there are serious flaws in South Lanarkshire’s job evaluation scheme which can be summarised as follows:

1. The pay and grading process is not open and transparent
2. Council employees cannot discover how their own jobs are valued
3. Council employees cannot discover how other council jobs have been valued
4. The Council claims but can’t substantiate trade union support for the JE scheme
5. Most female dominated council jobs remain stuck at the bottom of the pay ladder
6. Single Status in South Lanarkshire has reinforced pay discrimination against female jobs
7. The Council has introduced widespread personal pay preservation for some of the traditional male jobs
8. The Council’s preservation scheme is a clear breach the 1999 Single Status Agreement
9. Many women workers in South Lanarkshire Council are treated less favourably than men

So, we want claimants from South Lanarkshire to come long to the hearings - not for the whole day – you can pop in for a morning or afternoon. Hearings normally start at and individual clients are entitled to attend.

The presence of claimants might help to remind everyone involved that these claims are about real people – long serving public employees - and their right to equal treatment under the law.

Glasgow Employment Tribunal Office

Eagle Building
215 Bothwell Street
G2 7TS
Phone: 0141 204 0730
Fax: 0141 204 0732

Anyone attending should make themselves known to Carol Fox who will be there on behalf of Stefan Cross Solicitors.