Friday, 17 July 2009

Glasgow - Compromise Agreements

As regular readers know - Stefan Cross Solicitors is challenging Glasgow City Council’s Compromise Agreement.

In November and December 2005 council employees were required to sign a Compromise Agreement – before the council would release a compensatory payment in return for people ‘giving up’ their equal pay claims.

Glasgow workers who took up their claim via Stefan Cross achieved a much better outcome – than those who accepted the council’s original offer of settlement.

But Stefan Cross believes the Compromise Agreement can be challenged – because employees did not receive proper advice about the nature or size of their equal pay claims – or their prospects of pursuing a successful claim to the Employment Tribunals.

In addition, council employees were unaware (at the time) that Glasgow City Council were paying the fees of the legal firms attending the ‘acceptance’ meetings – and also that the council required these legal firms to restrict the scope of their advice to council employees.

The good news is that the following dates have now been set for a Pre-Hearing Review at the Glasgow employment tribunal – to consider the challenge on behalf of clients of Stefan Cross Solicitors:

Five days have now been set aside - 10, 11, 14, 16 and 17 September 2009

So, if you signed a Compromise Agreement back in 2005 – the only people fighting your corner are Stefan Cross Solicitors and Action 4 Equality Scotland - your claim is for the difference between what you were paid – and what your claim was worth.

The unions are not involved in these cases – so you’d be mad to stay with them if you have a Compromise Agreement claim. If you want to transfer your claim to Action 4 Equality Scotland and Stefan Cross ring 0845 300 3 800 or contact Mark Irvine at:

If you’re an existing client - put these dates in your diary – because as a claimant you’re entitled to attend the hearings in September.