Monday, 13 July 2009

Gissa Job! (2)

Press reports about MPs, their outside earnings and second or even third jobs - continue to throw up some interesting names and information.

The Tories have their usual suspects – as everyone expected – but what’s more fascinating are the names and details of Labour MPs.

Because you would have thought – or at least hoped – that MPs from the People’s Party would realise that it doesn’t look good for you to have a full-time job working on behalf of your constituents.

Yet still find the time to pursue all kinds of other outside interests – and highly lucrative ones at that.

In other walks of life, if you do a demanding full-time job – you’re not free just to take on other paid work without permission – because there’s a potential conflict of interest – over the competing demands for your time and energy.

And because MPs’ only answer to their boss (i.e. the voters) once every 4 or 5 years – no one really manages this conflict of interest – it’s left up to MPs’ judgment and common sense!.

That’s why it’s no longer good enough for MPs to be making up the rules to suit themselves.

David Willetts, MP – (Tory Shadow Skills Secretary)
Chairman of Universal Sensors – earnings unknown
Senior Adviser to Punter Southall – up to £80,000

Oliver Letwin (Tory Policy Chief)
Non-executive Director of NM Rothschild bank – up to £60,000

Alan Duncan (Tory Shadow Leader of the House)
Director of Catalytic Solutions - @ £35,000
Director of Arawak Energy - @ £45,000

William Hague (Tory Shadow Foreign Secretary)
Adviser to JCB Group - £ up to £50,000
Adviser to Terra Firma Capital Partners - up to £20,000

Patricia Hewitt (Labour – former Health Secretary)
Non-executive director of the BT Group - £75,000
Special Consultant to Alliance Boots – up to £50,000
Senior Adviser to Cinven – up to £60,000

John Reid (Labour – former Home Secretary)
Non-executive chairman of Celtic Football Club - £34,066
Consultant for Group 4 Securicor – up to £50,000

David Blunkett (Labour – former Home Secretary)
Chair of Commission on School Transport – up to £25,000
Adviser to AeLtd – up to £50,000
Adviser to UC Group – up to £50,000