Wednesday, 8 July 2009

"It's a Load of Old Tripe"

Readers in North Lanarkshire are the latest to report poaching more efforts by the unions – this time the local Unison branch.

According to reports Unison is holding a series of meetings on consecutive Saturdays - and significantly, the council is allowing local schools to be used as venues for these meetings.

Help from the employers always comes at a price – the council is assisting Unison because they see the union as a softer option - than Action 4 Equality Scotland and Stefan Cross.

Curiously, the union’s pitch is that if 100 people transfer their claims from Stefan Cross – then Unison will take them up! Sounds like a third-rate service and the obvious question that springs to mind is – “Why does the local union branch need 100 claims – before it will get off its lazy backside?”

Must be some kind of dodgy deal going on behind the scenes - because remember this is the same Unison branch that tried to sell North Lanarkshire’s original single status package – through joint presentations with senior management in 2006.

But they got booed off the stage – for trying to sell their own members short. So our advice is that you can trust this lot - about as far as you can carry an elephant on your back.

The current position in North Lanarkshire is that there has been a partial settlement of some former manual worker claims – cleaning and catering groups – these individuals have an ongoing claim that’s well underway with Stefan Cross.

So far, the council has refused to recognise other people’s claims. For example, last year the council tried to restrict the claims of Home Carers - but the employment tribunal rejected the council’s argument in favour of the case put forward by Stefan Cross.

The council has wasted further time and public money by appealing that decision – the appeal is due to be heard in September, but we’re confident that the council will lose again.

Falkirk Council is similar to North Lanarkshire – it lost a similar argument at the employment tribunal and appealed the decision – but the council recently asked for a postponement of the case – and now wants to put forward new offers of settlement.

North Lanarkshire faces the same choice – but the truth is that the council has been held to account by Action 4 Equality Scotland and Stefan Cross – not the unions. The unions sold their members out before – and will do so again – without the slightest hesitation.

As one of our readers said: “Unison has done nothing about equal pay for years – then they come along badmouthing Stefan Cross and spreading their scare stories – it’s a load of old tripe!”