Monday, 15 June 2020

Trump's New Campaign Slogan - Orange Lives Matter!

Here's a great photobubble by Nick Newman which appeared in the Sunday Times. 

Seems like Donald Trump has ditched MAGA because his latest poll ratings are so terrible and is now going for broke with a new campaign slogan proclaiming that 'Orange Lives Matter'. 


Top US General Turns On Trump (12/06/20)

General Mark Milley apologizes for taking part in Trump’s Bible photo op outside the White House: “I should not have been there...It was a mistake.”

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The top US military official, General Mark Milley, offers an  apology for taking part in Donald Trump's 'Bible stunt' in Washington DC. 


Trump's Recipe For Uniting America (09/06/20)

KAL's latest cartoon for The Economist hits the nail on the head with its portrayal of Donald Trump.

The cartoon accompanies a piece by Andrew Johnson which has the strap line: 'Far worse than Nixon'. 


Leadership and Peaceful Protests (02/06/20)

Peaceful protesters were forced out of Lafayette Park in Washington DC yesterday evening just so Donald Trump could have his photo taken at a local church.

Trump laughingly describes himself as a 'friend' of peaceful protesters, but these American citizens were on the receiving end of aggressive policing, pepper spray, tear gas and blunt force bullets - all for the sake of a politically motivated photo-opportunity with a Bible.

Violence always leads to more violence, but the police have a special duty to lead by example. 

Yet that kind of selfless leadership was missing again last night in Washington DC and in the events which led to the unlawful killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 2020.