Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Glasgow - Equal Pay Medals

Here are the pick-up arrangements and the 'final list' of Glasgow claimants who have got in touch with me to request an equal pay medal.

Social distancing will be observed at all times, as you would expect, and I will be at Memorial Bench in George Square on the following dates and times.
  • Thursday 18 June - 2pm 
  • Friday 19 June - 5pm
  • Saturday 20th June - 12noon

Please don't just turn up 'on spec' and expect to receive a medal as I will only be bringing along enough for all the claimants who have contacted me by email in advance to provide their names and details, as requested. 

Medal requests - final list

Ann McCann

Carol McFarlane

Carolann Granger

Sandra Beattie

Mary Connor

Sally Donaghy

Catherine Taylor

Margaret McCulloch

Fiona Carroll

Leeann Higgins

Jane Woods

K McKain

Karen Wilson

Helen McFadyen

Catherine Campbell

Catherine Doherty

Elizabeth Cameron

Rosemarie Docherty

Clair Hynds

Ann McDowall

Robina Drummond

Margaret Gillan

Caroline Logan 

Nicola Flanagan 

Linda Baker

Annette Gallacher 

Mary Armstrong

Marguerite McGugan

Irene Storrie

Yvonne Corrigan

Karen Coia

Trisca Van den Bosch

Julie McMillan

Josie Ravey

Libby Hannah

Carol McG

Susan Sharpe

Evelyn McCulloch

Tricia Wright

Catherine Doherty

Asleigh Gordon

Sandra Thomson

Sheila Quill

Carole Stanway

Bryan McFadyen

Lynn Ferguson

Lynn Allan

D F Carroll

Angela McBurney

Fiona Tracey

Karen Dempster

Sandra Burns

Mary McPartlin

Sharon Ross


Glasgow - Equal Pay Medals (13/06/20)

Lots of Glasgow claimants have been in touch to request a 'keepsake' Equal Pay medal.

I plan to post some dates and times on the blog next week, so that people can collect their medals by meeting me at the Memorial Bench in George Square.

Weather permitting, of course, so watch this space for more details.


Glasgow - Equal Pay Medals (10/06/20)

Guess what I came across the other day while I was having a long-overdue office clean out?

A box of A4ES Equal Pay medals from last year's 'PayFest' party at the Barrowland ballroom which were intended as a keepsake for the claimants who came along on the night.

So if there are any Glasgow claimants out there who'd like one, drop me a note with your name, postal address and contact phone number. 

My email address is -

I will arrange to drop them off to people at the Memorial Bench in George Square, but once they're gone, they're gone - on the basis of first come, first served.

The inscription around the edge of the medal says:

Glasgow's Long Fight For Equal Pay

Action 4 Equality Scotland, GMB, Unison