Tuesday, 29 August 2017

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Here's an exchange of emails with an A4ES client in Glasgow earlier today after she received a letter 'out of the blue' from Unison.

Unison say that these letters have been sent out by mistake to existing A4ES clients.

So if you're an existing A4ES client, you know what to do if a similar letter arrives in the post.  

Hi Mark 

Unison Letter

I received a letter from Unison when I got home from work earlier asking me to transfer my equal claim to Morton Fraser Solicitors

What should I do, if anything?


Hi M

Unison Letter

You should just throw  the letter in the bin because Unison has decided to part company with Thompsons Solicitors which is a very interesting development in itself.

Thompsons had a number of 'dual mandate' clients which they shared with Action 4 EqualIty Scotland, and Thompsons were in the process of ending their connection with these A4ES clients.

Unison should not have written to existing A4ES clients, not least because your claim is already well established with the Employment Tribunals, but apparently they did so out of a genuine error rather than with some ill-motive in mind.

So put your mind at rest - as there is no need for you to do anything.

Kind regards